The most important job description and scope of activities of this vice-presidency are as follows:

-       Conduct necessary analyses and make decisions on planning of research and educational activities of the Research Center;

-       Assess and supervise research and education activities and evaluate the performance of the branches under supervision;

-       Supervise good performance of the regulations governing research, technology, education, library, and databases of the Research Center;

-       Hold the meetings of the research, technology, and graduate studies council;

-       Hold the meetings of the managers of the branches under supervision of vice-president of research;

-       Favorablly use scientific and technical capacities of the Research Center towards implementing applied projects and providing counseling services to the country's industries;

-       Prepare research plan of the Research Center and identify goals and research priorities in the framework of mid-term and long-term plans and support establishment of growth and entrepreneurship centers, and science and technology parks;

-       Supervise on providing scientific-research and educational services; hold scientific and research seminars and conferences;

-       Codify the bylaws and instructions and set the agenda relating to the vice-presidency's duties;

-       Communicate all approvals, regulations, and bylaws to the relevant departments; follow-up and supervice good performance of them;

-       Develop, strengthen, and direct the research projects approved with the priority of applied targeted researches based on the country's development plans vision;

-       Plan for the faculty members to use study opprtunities in Iran and foreign countries;

-       Plan and set activities and propose annual research budget of the vice-presidency according to the priorities approved by the Research Center.

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